Fab Food and Fitness
One on one consultations
Private consultations via telehealth in the Healthie app.
Whether you are a current or new client these 50 minute sessions are here to get your questions answered.
  3 and 6 month nutrition packages.
Packages include:
- Weekly 50 minute one on one consulting through telehealth in the Healthie app, where we create a nutrition plan that is tailored to you. We update and tweek the plan to make sure it is working and you are seeing results. We will get to the bottom of dietary issues that have been blocking you from reaching your goals.
- Weekly menus with recipes. This plan will not be tasteless dry chicken breast and a bowl of spinach. The recipes are delicious and you will eat food you love. I hope to introduce you to new foods and customize meals that you enjoy. Food is delicious and it is here to nourish our bodies. It is not something to fear.
- Shopping lists  with what you need to stock your pantry and fridge.
- You will gain knowledge and the confidence you need to eat in a way that nourishes your body healthy.
       Let's get started!